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18650 Battery Caps Welding Process

Take the laboratory scale battery caps welding machine as an example, Put the battery caps and battery spot welder in the glove box in advance, place the battery caps on the mold of the battery spot welder, hold the battery cells on the other hand, align the cathode battery tabs of the battery cell with the caps, after confirming the spot welding position is correct, depress the foot pedal.

After finishing the spot welding, we also need to test the effect of battery tabs welding.

First, observe whether the battery tabs are aligned.
Next, lightly pull the battery tabs and battery caps to see if it is loosened.

If the weld is not strong, the battery caps spot welding will need to be done again.

The circuit of the ultrasonic metal welding machine adopts international advanced full-bridge voltage regulator circuit and is optimized to achieve constant amplitude output and automatic frequency tracking without manual adjustment. Adopt intelligent control mode, covering modes such as time, energy, power, energy and depth. And the welding head is made of imported alloy steel, high hardness, the pattern is made of high-precision grinding, the service life is very long, and the single side is more than 100,000 times.

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