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18650 Lithium Battery Pack Process

The process of 18650 lithium battery pack is mainly based on the structure of pack battery, and most of the 18650 lithium battery pack process features are similar. The distinctive features of the 18650 lithium battery PACK process are multiple parallel and multiple series. The greatest feature of the 18650 lithium battery Pack is its flexible combination, most of which can be semi-automated.

TOB New Energy offers the most professional 18650 battery pack assembly equipment for battery laboratory research and manufacturing.

18650 Lithium Battery Pack Process

18650 Lithium Battery Pack Process

General 18650 lithium battery Pack includes:
18650 cells, battery protection plate, connecting nickel piece, leading nickel piece, highland barley paper accessory, insulating paper, wire or plug wire, PVC outer packing or shell, connector, key switch, power indicator, EVA, highland barley paper, plastic support and other auxiliary materials. These materials comprise the 18650 battery pack.

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