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4680 Cell – Larger battery cell result in a higher energy density ?

This is a 2170 battery cell compared to a 4680 battery cell. The volume of each cell consists of all its internal layers which contain the active energy storing material, the surface area of each cell consists of an outer layer which is the thin metal can of the battery cell.

4680 Cell - Larger battery cell result in a higher energy density ?

If we increase the volume by moving to a 4680 format, it reduces the total weight of the thin protective cell can in comparison to the energy storing internal materials.
The surface area and volume are affected by incremental changes to diameter.
the surface area represents the cell can and the volume representa the internal layers which contain the energy storing material.
the surface area doesn’t change much but the volume changes significantly. this means with a larger battery cell there’s more energy storing material in comparison to the cell can. which is just packaging this is what results in the 7 percent increase in range for tesla’s 4680 cell.
To reduce manufacturing cost tesla reinforced this by showing this image which shows 3 key benefits of the tabless electrode.
The first two simper manufacturing and fewer parts directly result in cost reductions. the third a 5 times reduction in electrical path allows tesla to expand the battery cell without a negative impact on charge rate. this again supports reduced costs by enabling larger battery cells.

lager cells means fewer cell cans, fewer welds, fewer electrolyte fills and so on.

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