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Battery Electrode Coating Machine Video

Lithium Battery Double Layers Extrusion Coating Machine TOB-ECM

This high precision double layers extrusion coating machine is a professional lithium battery electrode coating equipment.

Desktop roll to roll coating machine for battery TOB-TBJ-180C

The TOB-TBJ-180C desktop continuous coating machine is a small roll to rolling coating machine for lab research, it is assembled by high high precision coating device, suitable for institutions, university and factory pilot scale battery research work.

Battery coating machine TOB-LBC-135

This battery coating machine is used for lithium ion battery electrode continuous coating for lab research work.

Laboratory Coating Machine TOB-TBJ-200
TOB-TBJ-200 Lab coating machine is a compact roll to roll continuous coater for battery electrode sheets with a small size for battery research labs.

Battery Coating Machine laboratory Continuous and Intermitten model TOB-SY300J

The TOB-SY300J Intermittent Lab Coater is a three-roll transfer coating machine, can be continuous and intermittent coating, suitable for a variety of substrate surface coating process.
Battery continuous and intermittent coating machine
The lithium battery coating machine is a single face continuous and Intermittent coating machine used for Slurry drying process of lithium battery electrode coating. The battery coating machine adopts continuous and Intermittent coating mode.
Desktop lithium battery coating machine Touch screen TOB-VFC-150
TOB-VFC-150 automatic film coating machine has been updated to touch screen control, this model is with built-in vacuum pump and heating function, having an precision heating temperature up to 200°C. the film coating machine is mainly used for lithium battery electrode coating for coin cell assemble and pouch cell research.
Vacuum Coating Machine TOB-VFC-150
The TOB-VFC-150 Film coating machine with dryer is used for varies kinds of materials coating. It is supplied with vacuum pump and heating system, having an precision heating temperature upto 200℃.
Battery Electrode Coating Machine TOB-XT-200CA
This machine use for battery electrode coat,can coat LCO, NCM, LFP, LTO, Graphite, etc. This machine is suitable for battery lab and battery research, operate smart and easy to use.
Precision Extrusion Coating Machine for Lithium Ion Battery Producing Slot Die Coating

1.Imported coating die, high precision and high stability.
2.Suitable for large-scale production and research of lithium batteries.
3.Double oven can be customized.
4.Can increase the online thickness measurement device.
5.Precise control of coating accuracy.

Automatic PVDF Battery Separator Coating Machine For Lithium Battery Research
This Battery Separator Coating Machine is mainly used for lithium battery separator dip coating with PVDF or ceramic to improve the battery performance.

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