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Battery Electrode Coating Process Notice

The cathode electrode coating is the cathode slurry extrusion coating or spraying on the cathode current collector aluminum foil, the density of one side is 20 to 40 mg/cm2. Coating oven temperature conventional 4-8 sections (or more), each section of baking temperature 95℃ ~ 120℃ according to the actual needs to adjust, to avoid baking cracking transverse cracks and solvent phenomenon, the speed ratio of transfer coating roller is 1.1-1.2, the gap position should be thined by 20-30um (avoid excessive compacting in the polar ear caused by trailing, and lithium extraction in the battery cycle), and the coating water should be ≤2000-3000ppm (specific according to the material and process). The temperature of the cathode electrode coating workshop is ≤30℃, and the humidity ≤25%.

Anode electrode coating is the anode slurry extrusion coating or spraying on the anode current collector copper foil. The single-side density is 10 to 15 mg/cm2, and the oven temperature of coating is 4-8 sections (or more). The baking temperature of each section is adjusted from 80 ℃ to 105 ℃ according to actual needs to avoid transverse cracking. The speed ratio of transfer roller is 1.2-1.3, the gap is made 10-15um thin, the coating water is ≤3000ppm, the temperature of the anode electrode coating workshop is ≤30℃, and the humidity is ≤25%.

TOB New Energy can provide all battery electrode coating machine, including film applicator, manual coater machine, auto laboratory coating machine, auto laboratory coating machine with hot function and Continuous coating machine, extrusion coater.

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