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Battery Electrode Winding Process

Battery electrode winding is the separator, cathode sheet, anode sheet through the battery electrode winding machine into a single battery cells.

Battery Electrode Winding ProcessBattery Electrode Winding Process

TOB New Energy can provide the battery winding machine for 18650 lithium-ion cylindrical cell precision winding for 18650 production line.

The principle of battery winding is to use the anode to cover the cathode, and then through the battery separator to separate the cathode and anode foil. When winding, we need to pay special attention to winding tension and foil alignment. If the winding tension is small, it will affect the internal resistance and shell entry rate. And too much tension is easy to cause short circuit or electrode fracture risk.

Battery Electrode Winding Process

Alignment refers to the alignment of the anode, cathode and battery separator relative to each other. anode width 59.5mm, cathode 58mm, battery separator 61mm, the three aligned in the center to avoid short circuit risk. Winding tension is generally in the positive tension of 0.08-0.15Mpa, negative tension of 0.08-0.15Mpa, the upper separator tension of 0.08-0.15Mpa, the lower separator tension of 0.08-0.15Mpa, specifically according to the equipment and process adjustment.

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