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Battery Stacking Machine Video

Semi-Automatic Lithium Battery Electrode Stacking Machine
This Semi-Automatic Lithium Battery Stacking machine is used for the stacking of pouch cell.
Full auto stacking machine for battery making
This machine is suitable for Z stacking process of square lithium-ion power battery.
Semi auto Battery Stacking Machine TOB-L-DP200
The semi auto battery stacking machine is used for pouch cell stacking process, small volume and lower cost suitable for lab research work.
Manual Battery Stacking Machine TOB-M-DP-200
The battery stacking machine is used for lithium battery stacking process, put the cathode, anode electrode and battery separator Z shaped lamination.
TOB Semi Auto Stacking Machine
This machine is for battery stacking,by Z-fig way, can use for power tool battery,EV battery…with high efficiency,suit for line and battery lab,can be customed,much more than manual and stable.
TOB-M-DP-200 Manual stacking machine

This is use for battery stacking machine by manual,use for lithium ion battery electrode stacking.

Smi-automatic Stacking Machine for Lithium ion Battery TOB-S-DP200-B

The device is suitable for lithium battery Z-type lamination process. The device is equipped with correction device, diaphragm release tension control device and auxiliary positioning device. Only need to manually feeding the electrodes, through the control button to control the cylinder to complete the stack. Simple operation and high efficiency.

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