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Battery Tab Welding Process

After the slitting process, the cathode and anode electrode piece should be dried (cathode 120℃, anode 105-110℃). Then is the battery tab welding and high temperature adhesive taping process. The length of the battery tabs and the shaping width need to be taken into account.

Battery Tab Welding Process

Take the 18650 battery as an example, The design of the battery cathode tabs exposure mainly takes into account the reasonable match of the battery cap welding and the stainless steel battery case grooving of the cathode battery tabs.

TOB New Energy can provide all battery tab spot welding machine for cylindrical cell and pouch cell.

Battery Tab Welding Process

The battery tabs is exposed too long, and it is easy to make the battery tabs short circuit with the steel battery case when grooving. And if tabs are too short, it would not weld to the battery cap. At present, the ultrasonic welding head has linear shape and point shape, and the domestic process is more linear (over current, welding strength consideration). In addition, high temperature adhesive is used to cover the battery tabs, mainly considering the risk of short circuit caused by metal burr and metal debris. The workshop ambient temperature ≤23℃, dew point ≤-30℃, cathode electrode moisture content ≤500-1000ppm.

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