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Battery Winding Machine Video

Automatic winding machine for CR123A Battery TOB
The auto winding machine is used for Lithium manganese battery winding. Such as CR132A battery
Battery winding machine
1. We can supply battery winding machine for cylinder cell, 18650 battery, prismatic cell and all kinds of pouch cell. 2. We can also supply semi auto winding machine, Manual winding machine or full auto winding machine for both battery and supercapacitor.
Battery Winding Machine for Cylinder Cell TOB-JR135-C
This battery winding machine is for cylinder battery electrode winding cathode and anode with separator together.can used for 18650,20650,26650,32650,21700,etc.
Semi Automatic Winding Machine for Pouch Cell and Cylindrical Cell
Battery winding machine for cathode,anode,separator winding together,this is use for semi-auto winding without tab welding.with high accuracy,can winding pouch cell and 14500,17500,17650,18500,18650,26650,22650,etc. cylindral battery.
Auto Winding Machine Debuging for Li Mn Battery
The automatic winding machine debuging for Li-Mn battery.

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