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How to use PVC shrink packaging machine?


In order to make consumers better understand the PVC shrink packaging machine, I have a detailed introduction of how to use it. There are six steps in total. The first step is to plug in the power supply, then turn on the power switch. After that, let it heat up for about two minutes and put the product into the machine. Then you can start running it. Finally, all products are packed with film and packed together by packing tape at one time.

PVC Shrink Wrap

The first step: power supply.

Connect the power cord to the power supply.

Connect the power supply to the power socket.

Check that your machine is working and connected correctly; if not, check your voltage settings (some machines require 110V/60Hz) or try another socket if necessary.


The second step: turn on the power switch.

After connecting the machine to the power supply, the second step is to turn on the power switch. This is an important step that many people forget. If you don’t turn it on, then your PVC shrink packaging machine won’t work!

The third step: adjust the temperature and pressure of your machine.

The fourth step: put your product into a bag and close it up with a sealer. You can also add labels or stickers to make sure that customers know what’s inside!


The third step: warm up.

It’s necessary to warm up the machine before use. The machine is automatically heated, and it warms to a temperature of 60-70 degrees Celsius for about 5 minutes or 10 minutes, and then you can start packaging.


The fourth step: product feeding.

For the machine to operate properly, you need to feed the products into it with a certain method, in order to ensure that they are fed into the shrink packaging machine neatly and accurately. First of all, you should place your products on a flat surface in a row. Then, you should place them with the same orientation (for example, if one side is long and narrow, then put all other sides long and narrow). Finally, place them in each tray with identical orientation (for example, if one side is short and wide then put all other sides short and wide).


The fifth step: packaging machine running.

With the operation of the machine, you will find that this pvc shrink packaging machine is controlled by the computer. After completion of all of these processes, you can use PVC shrink packaging machine for many products. The PVC shrink wrapping machine is easy to operate and clean, so it can save a lot of manpower resources!


Sixth step: packaging complete products.

After the packaging machine has completed the above steps, you can finish the packaging process. The sixth step is to package each product for customers. At this time, you should use a hand-held cutter to cut off the excess shrink tube and then manually place it on a cardboard box so that it can be packaged in a few minutes.

All steps are finished by machine, simple and easy to use

PVC shrink packaging machine is a kind of efficient automatic sealing machine, which can be widely applied to all kinds of PVC plastic products and non-plastic materials.The machine adopts the latest technology and equipment imported from abroad to improve production efficiency and reduce the cost.

The whole process is completed by machine, simple and easy to use, safety is guaranteed.



This post will introduce you to six steps. It will guide you to use the PVC shrink packaging machine well. If you are interested in the machine, please contact us for more details.

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