Provide a full set of battery equipment & materials solution.

Lab drying oven for battery and materials drying

TOB New Energy provides a full set of lab drying oven for lithium ion battery and battery materials drying. Our DZF vacuum oven is divided into horizontal, vertical two kinds (can be customized according to customer requirements). The oven is made of 304 stainless steel and has a square shape. The advantage of the square is that it expands the use space than the circle. The surrounding outer heating layer makes the temperature more uniform and avoids the combustion caused by the contact between organic objects and open fire. The temperature setting and time setting are intelligent digital display, which has the characteristics of accurate temperature control and high precision. DZF series of products with explosion-proof vacuum glass door, increase the safety and thermal insulation performance, so that the observation window fog reduction, can more clearly observe the drying items. It is suitable for drying and heat treatment of articles in universities, scientific research, factories and mines under vacuum conditions. Reduce the drying temperature, avoid some articles heating oxidation, no dust damage.
The TOB-DZF-6050 is a typical example of the vacuum oven. TOB-DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven is made of steel plate or sanitary stainless steel plate, with strong anticorrosion. The temperature controller adopts external high-power silicon controlled, quick trigger, sensitive control. Touch button adjustable double screen digital display panel makes setting or reading more intuitive. The built-in microcomputer processor uses the electric signal generated by the feedback value to control the heating element. After PID self-tuning (manual adjustment), the corrected parameters will be locked automatically. The correct signal will be processed to keep the temperature within the set range. The operation of vacuum oven is simple and convenient, the whole machine case occupies less space, high thermal efficiency, especially suitable for drying a small number of samples under the vacuum condition.
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