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Lithium ion Battery Graphene Anode Material

Graphene anode material has the potential to replace graphite material as a new cathode material for lithium ion batteries due to its unique two-dimensional structure, excellent electron transport capacity and super large specific surface area. The lithium storage mechanism of graphene anode material is similar to that of other carbonaceous materials. During charging, lithium ions come out from the cathode electrode and form Li2C6 through embedding electrolyte into carbon material layers. When discharging, lithium ions come out and return to the cathode electrode. Due to the special two-dimensional structure of graphene material, when the lamellar spacing is greater than 0.7nm, both sides of graphene can store lithium ions. At the same time, because graphene has folds and can also store lithium, in theory its capacity may be twice that of graphite, more than 744mAh/g.

Lithium ion Battery Graphene Anode Material

In addition, the size of graphene is mostly micro and nano, far smaller than that of bulk graphite, making the diffusion path of Li ion shorter. Graphene’s layers are also generally much more spaced than graphite, providing more channels for lithium ion transport. Therefore, compared with graphite, using graphene as the anode electrode is more beneficial to improve the battery performance. TOB New Energy can supply the most advanced Graphene materials, Graphene oxide and Graphite oxide materials for your lithium ion battery research or manufacturing.

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