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Lithium ion Cell Battery Electrolyte Filling Process

After the battery cells drying process, the battery cell will be tested for moisture and meet the standard before proceeding to the next step of battery electrolyte filling process(cylindrical cell). Put the roasted battery cell into the vacuum glove box quickly, weigh it and record the weight, place the injection cup on the upper side of the battery and add the electrolyte into the cup. If not sure about capacity of the electrolyte, put the battery cell into the electrolyte, soak for a period of time, test the maximum liquid absorption of the battery cell, generally according to the experimental capacity for electrolyte injection process.

Lithium ion Cell Battery Electrolyte Filling Process

Put the battery cells into the vacuum box (vacuum degree≤ -0.09MPa), accelerate the penetration of electrolyte to moisten the electrode foil, after several cycles, weighing the battery cells, calculate whether the injection volume is consistent with the design value.

TOB New Energy can provide a full set of battery electrolyte filling process equipment and materials. The single workstation lab glove box with gas purification system and digital control system is suitable for lithium battery lab R&D.


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