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Loading Cylindrical Lithium Battery Cells into Casing

Hi-pot test voltage of 200 ~ 500V is required before the battery cell is put into the battery stainless steel case(Test for high voltage short circuit) and vacuuming processing(Control dust further before loading the battery cells). We can provide the most professional lithium battery cells short circuit tester.

Loading Cylindrical Lithium Battery Cells into Casing

Moisture, burr and dust are the three control points of lithium battery manufacturing, which need special emphasis here.

After the previous process is completed, place the lower gasket into the bottom of the battery cell and bend the anode tabs, the battery tab is facing the pinhole of the roll core, finally, it is inserted vertically into the steel or aluminum case(Take model 18650 as an example, with outer diameter ≈18mm+ height ≈71.5mm). Because to take into account the rebound value of the battery electrode piece and the degree of liquid infiltration when the liquid is injected in the later period. The cross-sectional area of the battery cell should be smaller than the inner cross-sectional area of the stainless steel case, the loading rate is between 97% and 98.5%, install the upper gasket at the same time. The workshop ambient temperature ≤23℃, dew point ≤-40℃.

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