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PEDOT Materials Conductive Polymers

The most widely used battery is still lithium battery, but lithium battery also has some problems that need to be improved. One of the key problems is that the lithium battery cathode produces excess oxygen, which reacts with the electrolyte and causes a thin film to form on the surface of the battery cathode, reducing energy transfer and thus the overall performance of the battery. To solve this problem, the cathode of most lithium-ion batteries is coated with a special coating material to reduce this effect. However, this will reduce the efficiency of the battery and degrade with high temperature and continuous voltage, thus reducing the battery life. In the new research, researchers developed a new coating material, PEDOT conductive polymer material, that could make lithium-ion batteries safer and longer-lasting.

PEDOT Materials Conductive Polymers

This PEDOT materials conductive polymers can completely protects the cathode from reaction with the electrolyte. The PEDOT materials use gas to ensure that the coating is applied to each particle of the cathode, forming a strong protective layer. Conventional coatings slow the diffusion of lithium inside and outside the cathode particles. Due to the poor conductivity of electrons and ions, the cell efficiency is reduced. By contrast, the new coating facilitates the transfer of lithium ions and electrons in and out of the cathode, boosting the battery’s energy. In addition, the new coating increases the battery’s operating voltage from 4.2V to 4.6V in existing lithium-ion batteries, a 15% difference that could significantly reduce the cost of the entire battery pack and extend the battery’s life.

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