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Pouch Lithium Cells Production Process

Pouch lithium cell refers to the aluminum laminated film for the outer case packing of the battery. Compared with square aluminum shell battery and cylindrical battery, pouch lithium battery in the occurrence of safety hazards in the first gas expansion, or r release energy from the damage. This makes it not easy to explode and thus more secure. At the same time, a pouch lithium battery of the same capacity is lighter and has a higher energy density than a square aluminum shell battery. In addition, the shape of the pouch lithium battery can be customized according to the customer’s needs, and the design is more flexible, which is more advantageous in the development of new models of battery. TOB New Energy can provide customized service of formed pouch cell case according to the customer’s requirements.

Pouch Lithium Cells Production Process

Pouch Lithium Cells Production Process

Of course, there are disadvantages to pouch lithium batteries. At present, the aluminum laminated film production process is complex, the automation degree of the production line is not as high as the square aluminum shell, the production efficiency is low. In recent years, with the improvement of the production technology and equipment of lithium ion battery, the production efficiency of pouch lithium battery is also constantly improving.

TOB battery offers One-stop service pouch lithium cell production line and polymer battery lab research solutions, we can supply all the battery equipment and battery materials required in the production process.

Pouch Lithium Cells Production Process

Pouch Lithium Cells Production Process

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