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10um Battery Grade Copper Anode Foil Roll For Lithium ion Battery Research

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Lithium ion battery research cathode foil and anode foil is aluminum foil and copper foil

Our battery copper foil size could be customized .

Our stock copper foil sheet size is width:200mm Thicness:10um Mode:T-C10

Copper foil for battery anode substrate
Item Data
width (mm) 200mm
Thickness (um) 10
areal density (g/m2) 85-90
Purity(%) More than 99.9% Cu ≥99.9%
Fe < 0.0010%
Bi < 0.00020%
Pb < 0.0005%
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥400
Normal elongation(%) 3.72
High temperature Tensile strength180℃(MPa) ≥150
High temperature elongation180℃(%) 2
Anti oxidization(180℃ Heating 1h) No oxidation of points on the surface,The color does not change,Copper

foil without fracture

Surface roughness(um)Rz Drum side(um) Less than 0.3
Matte side(um) Less than 3.5
Surface tension(dyne/cm) Drum side 65
Matte side 65
Coating performance Cu foil with uniform tension on both sides, slurry coating uniformity


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