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1.6mm Copper Porous Metal Foam

Copper foam has great function of conducting heat and electricity, which can be used as the electrode substrate of lithium ion battery or fuel cell or Nickel zinc battery and electric double layer capacitor electrode material.

  • Item:TOB-CF-016
  • Material:Copper foam
  • Thickness:1.6mm, can be custimzed
  • Origin:China

1.6mm Copper Porous Metal Foam For Lithium Ion Battery

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Copper Porous Metal Foam:

1 A great feature of electric conductivity can used as heat and lithium-ion batteries nickel-zinc batteries ect

2 Copper foam can used for a heat sink materials, heat-absorbing material, chemical catalyst support, electromagnetic shielding materials, high grade decorative material ect.

Material: the purity > 99.99% are sold in copper foam sheet or roll.

Dimensions: 200 * 300 * 1.6 mm.

Thickness: 1.6 mm.(Customized)

Aperture: 0.1 mm

Porosity: ≥98 % (110 inch per size of pores, and the holes is about 0.1 mm in diameter).

Through-hole rate: ≥98 %

Bulk density: 0.1-0.8g/cm3

Before rolling the surface density: 350 g/m ^2

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