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1100 ℃ High Pressure Laboratory Tube Furnace

1100 ℃ dual temperature zones high temperature high pressure furnace.

  • Item No.:TOB-DSP-1100℃-HP
  • MOQ:1 Set
  • Certificate:CE ISO
  • Origin: China
  • Shipping port:XIAMEN

1100 ℃ Dual Temperature Zones High Pressure Laboratory Tube Furnace

tob technology

1100 ℃ dual temperature zones high temperature high pressure furnace.

Model TOB-DSP-1100℃-HPI TOB-DSP-1100℃-HPII
Power 3.5 KW 3.5 KW
Furnace tube size(mm) Material: nickel-based alloy steels

Dia 50(ID30) X1000

Material: nickel-based alloy steels

Dia 85(ID50) X1000

Dimension 580X370X515 580X420X565
Power supply voltage 220V
Phase number Single-phase
Temperature control mode 1.Yudian temperature control

30 sections can only use PID temperature regulation.

2.FP93 temperature control (from Japan)

(Replace imported instruments, for an additional fee)

(1),40 section program temperature control can be divided into 4,2,1

group program,if the program is divided into four groups, each program segment 10.

(2),6 group PID control, low, medium and high temperature can each with a set of PID,such that each segment is capable of controlling the temperature is very accurate.

Control accuracy +/- 1 ℃

When furnace heating needs water-cooled,

Required water flow ≥ 35L / min, and water temperature <30ºC;

water pressure> 25 PSI.

can optional water-cooled machine from our company

Trigger Phase-shift trigger
SCR 106 / 16E Germany Simon Kang
The 1.2 temperature zone

max temperature

20Mpa temperature ≤800 ° C

12Mpa temperature ≤900 ° C

6Mpa temperatures ≤1000 ° C

4Mpa temperatures ≤1100 ° C

The 1.2 rated temperature

1100 ℃ ≤ 1h

1000 degrees can work long time

Heating rate ≤10 ℃/ Min (Available upon request modification)
Thermocouple Type K type
The first temperature zone

heating section length

The second temperature

zone heating section length

Vacuum degree


1.General vacuum and drive gas out by:TW-1.5A

2.2XZ-2 Vacuum degree pumps can be able to get around 10Pa

3.TOB-DSP-VS 0.1vacuum system can pumped 0.1Pa

(and equipped with a resistive vacuum gauge display)

4.TOB-DSP-VS high vacuum system

(which is composed of molecules and mechanical pump)

enables vacuum degree pumped 10-3 Pa.

Pressure display Digital pressure gauge, and with 4-20ml Model Output
Vacuum flange

CF flange

Oxygen-free copper gasket seal

Surrounding surface


Security System With the furnace air switch and fuse, when the current exceeds the rated current,

it will automatically jump open, effective protection electric stove.

Cap protection system

The furnace limit switch is installed, when the lid open relay

will automatically cut off the main power supply,effectively ensure the safety of users


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