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120V/30A/300W DC Electronic Load

High performance and affordable single channel DC electronic load.

•Item number:TOB-IT8512


•Lead time:20days



120V/30A/300W DC Electronic Load for Battery and Power Supply Test

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High performance and affordable single channel DC electronic load. TOB-IT8512 DC electronic loads provide you with the flexibility to test a wide range of applications from power supply, charger to battery. The high resolution voltage(1mV), current(0.1mA) measurement system provides both accuracy and convenience, and eliminates the need for a DMM, external shunts and wiring. IT8512 DC electronic loads are the most cost effective choose in your power testing application.


Model DC Electronic Load TOB-IT8512
Input Rating Power 300W
Current 0-30A
Voltage 0-120V
CC Mode Range 0-3A 0-30A
Resolution 0.1mA 1mA
Accuracy 0.05%+0.1%FS 0.1%+0.1%FS
CV Mode Range 0.1-18V 0.1-120V
Resolution 1mV 10mV
Accuracy 0.05%+0.02%FS 0.05%+0.025%FS
CR Mode Range 0.1-99Ω 100-4KΩ
Resolution 0.01Ω
Accuracy 1%+0.3%FS 1%+0.8%FS
CW Mode Range 0-100W 100-300W
Resolution 1mW 10mW
Accuracy 1%+0.1%FS 1%+0.1%FS
Voltage Measurement Voltage 0-18V 0-120V
Resolution 1mV 10mV
Accuracy 0.02% + 0.02%FS 0.02% + 0.025%FS
Current Measurement Current 0-3A 0-30A
Resolution 0.1mA 1mA
Accuracy 0.1% + 0.1%FS 0.2% + 0.15%FS
Battery Test Battery Input:0.1-120V; Max.Measurement:Capacity=999AH
Dynamic Test Transition List:0-1kHZ
Short Circuit Current(CC) =3A =30A
Voltage(CV) 0V
Resistance(CR) =40mOh
Temperature Operating 0~40oC
Nonoperating -10oC~70oC
Dimension W*H*D(mm) 214*88*354mm
Weight Kg 3.5

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