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153um Aluminum Laminated Film For Polymer Case

Aluminum Laminated Film for polymer lithium battery case T:113um W:400mm

  • Item:T-153
  • Order(Moq):1 roll
  • Product Origin:China
  • Color:White

153 UM Aluminum Laminated Film For Polymer Case

tob technology

Width:400mm Lenght: 250m Mode:T-153

Layers from outside (Shiny) to inside (Mat) Polyamide (JIS Z1714): 0.025mm (+-0.0025mm)
Adhesive (Polyester-polyurethane):4-5 g/m2
Aluminum foil (JIS A8079,A8021): 0.040mm

Adhesive (Urethane-free Adhesive): 2-3 g/m2
Polypropylene:0.040mm (+-0.004mm)

Thickness: 153μm
Width400mm 250m
Surface quality Mat finish
Pinholes Subject to the applicable aluminum foil standard
Impurity 1mm or less in diameter
Fish Eye 2mm or less in diameter (clear),1mm or less in

diameter (colored)

Molding Depth ≥5.0mm
Electrical Insulating Good
Hot Sealing Coniditon 180-190°C
Moisture Vapor / O2 Transmission Rate 200ppm / 5 years
Laminate Strength Nylon/Al more than 2N/15mm Al/CPP more than


Heat Seal Strength More than 22.5N/15mm wide at 200℃ x 0.2Mpa x2 sec

by TOB heat sealing

Solvent Retention Less than 5mg/m2
Appearance Within the sample of the limit
Slip Factor CPP/CPP less than 1.0
Application Notes Click the picture below to see the finished polymer

Li-Ion battery made by heated sealer

tob battery

aluminum laminated film

aluminum laminated film

tob battery technology

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