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2032 Coin Cell Components

CR2032 Coin cell cases with 304ss and 316ss materials to choose,for production and material research

  • Item No.:T-CR2032
  • Packing:100pcs/bag
  • MOQ:100pcs
  • Lead time:5 days
  • Origin:China


CR2032 Coin Cell Components(20d*3.2t mm) With 304ss and 316ss Material


tob technology

Coin Cell Components CR2032 made of high-quality 304/316 stainless steel, composed of a cathode case, a sealing ring and a anode case. The sealing ring is injected on the anode case.

Coin Cell Parts Used for the production of coin cell battery and lithium ion battery materials research

TOB privide different size of coin cell cases, including it’s spacer and spring. the size we can provide are: CR2032,CR2016,CR2025,CR2450,CR2430,CR2325,CR1620,CR1632,CR1616,CR1220,CR1820,CR0927,CR1025,CR1016,CR3048,CR3032,CR2477,lithium air case,aluminum coated case, glod coated case.

Detailed specification for 2032 Coin Cell Parts

Model CR2032 Coin Cell Cases
Material case:304ss or 316ss optional

Sealing Gasket: PP

Dimention D20mm*T3.2mm
Packing 100pcs/bag
Spacer size(optional) 15.8*0.2mm,15.8*0.5mm,15.8*0.8mm,15.8*1mm,20.2*0.4
Spring size(optional) Wave spring(Belleville Washers):14.5*1.42mm

Conical Spring:15.4*0.25mm,20*1.7mm


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