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21700 Battery Cans

21700 Battery Cans used for battery production and laboratory research.

  • Item No.:T-21700
  • Package:100pcs/bag
  • MOQ:100 pcs
  • Lead time:5 days
  • Origin:China


21700 Battery Cans With Cap and Upper and Lower Spacer


tob technology

21700 Battery Cans used for 21700 cell production or laboratory research. one set including 21700 case+cap+upper/lower spacer.

Model T-21700 21700 battery cases
Case Dimensions 21.09mm(OD) x 21.52mm(ID) x 73.74mm(H)

Case body thickness:0.22±0.05

R angle:0.6±0.1

Top Cap with O ring 20.95mm(D) x 4.2mm(H)
  • Case Material:SPCC
  • CapMaterial: Nickel coated stainless steel
  • Seal O-ring Material:Nylon
  • SPCC layer performance:
  1. Anti-corrosion :use 5% salt water, 8 hours direct spray in salt spray test machine, no rust spots after 16 hours standing.
  2. Bonding force:Grooving, sealing, welding without falling off

tob battery

21700 Battery Case

21700 battery case

battery case 21700

21700 battery case

tob battery technology

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