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4mm Open Cell Aluminium Metal Foam

Sphere open cell aluminum foam is with the characteristics of both of open cell and closing cell aluminum foam.

  • Item:TOB-AlF-004
  • Material:aluminum foam
  • Thickness:4mm, can be custimzed
  • Origin:China

4mm Open Cell Aluminium Metal Foam For Battery Research

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4mm thickness aluminium metal foam ,our metal foam product, sized could be customized.

Sphere open cell aluminum foamis with the characteristics of both of open cell and closing cell aluminum foam, Hole shape is circular, aperture relative rules, hole wall open a small round hole connected to the ball, to six directions, avoid the straight hole, is advantageous to the amount of sound absorption, sound filter and attenuation.

In actually use, can get the ideal effect of noise reduction through design to the sphere size (diameter of 2-11 mm), wall hole size (0.5 2 mm in diameter) and thickness and making process control.

Sphere open cell aluminum foamfor the current domestic aluminum foam sound-absorbing material at the top of the product, suitable for all kinds of vehicle body and mechanical equipment deadened the noise reduction;

Due to the sphere uniform distribution, pore shape, the same rules of hole wall, also longer than absorb energy, has excellent impact resistance.

Model TOB-AlF-004
Material Aluminum Foam, Purity> 90%, Sold in sheet
Porosity 68-78%
Dimension 200*300*4/6/8/10/20/mm, or customized as request
The aperture 1.6mm
Through Hole Rate 90-95%
Bulk density 0.6-0.85g/cm3

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