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512 Ni-H Channel Battery Tester

The battery test cabinet in type TOB-768-3N suitable for lithium ion battery charging requirements.

•Item No.:TOB-768-3N


•Lead time: 20~30days



512 Ni-H Channel Battery Tester

tob technology

Main Performance of Equipment

1.Double-sided structure, each battery forming machine can control and detect 768 Ni-MH or Cd-Ni batteries by constant current charging and discharging.

2.A light-emitting diode is installed on each clamp as an over-voltage and under-voltage bypass register display. After discharge, it is used to indicate battery capacity sorting.

3.AVR single-chip computer is used as the control center, which can be controlled by the upper computer or separated from the upper computer to complete constant current charging, discharge testing and capacity sorting.

4.Real-time detection of the charging and discharging voltage of each battery. When charging, the bypass is stored when the voltage exceeds the set upper limit or —△V (preset) occurs, and the corresponding battery indicator lights up. When the discharging voltage is lower than the lower limit set by the user, the bypass is registered and the corresponding battery indicator is lit.

5.Every 8 batteries (in series) have a set of constant current sources, which are sampled by analog switch switching. There are 96 sets of constant current sources in the whole machine. The damage of one group of constant current sources will not affect the normal operation of other channels, modular structure, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

Channels per unit There are 96 groups, 8 channels in each group and 768 channels in the whole machine.
Constant current range 0.015~3A, Resolution 1mA
Sampling interval ≤8 seconds
Current setting accuracy ±(0.1%RD+0.1%FS)
Accuracy of current measurement ±(0.1%RD+0.1%FS)
Voltage measurement range 0~2V, resolution 1mV
Accuracy of voltage measurement ±(0.2%RD+0.1%FS)
Voltage range of tested battery 0~1.8V
Time range 0-999 minutes/step, accuracy: ±0.1%
Dimension L1720 x W500 x H1840mm
Communication mode RS485, baud rate 57600
Supporting battery type Single Ni-MH battery or Cd-Ni battery
Clamp type Two-wire clamp
Supporting battery height 10-80mm, adjustable
Distance between clamps 30mm
Working power supply Three-phase four-wire system, AC380V±5%,

50HZ, 7KW

Full load working current Phase line maximum 7.5A, zero line maximum 15A
Start-up current of equipment The instantaneous closing time of air switch is about 60A
Weight About 300kg

tob battery

tob battery technology

battery machine

Weight 350 kg
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