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5L Small Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System

TOB-LB-FT02 is a CE Certified magnetic de-ironing filtration system for battery lab research use.

  • Item No.: TOB-LB-FT02
  • Certificate: CE
  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Origin: China
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Product Description

5L Small Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System



Product Introduction:
The Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System is equipped with two functions of iron removal and vacuum filtration, which are used for the optimization of the slurry after the lithium ion battery anode and cathode slurry ingredients and before the coating.

Main feature:
*All stainless steel design, good corrosion resistance, easy to clean.
*Beautiful appearance, easy maintenance and other advantages.
*Equipped with vacuum system to achieve filtration, and different mesh filters can be configured according to requirements;
*Equipped with permanent magnet for iron removal treatment, the magnet can be easily removed for cleaning;
*Optimize the fine particle size of slurry and improve the consistency of coating products;

Work process:
First turn on the power supply and start the vacuum pump. The slurry is poured into the upper cavity, and iron impurities are absorbed by the magnet. Then the slurry is sucked into the lower cavity through the filter through the vacuum, and finally the valve is opened, and the slurry in the lower cavity flows into the receiving barrel. Finish filtering.

Model TOB-LB-FT02 Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System
Processing content vacuum filtration, magnetic separation and iron removal, intermittent processing
Processing capacity 5L/time
Vacuum Absolute vacuum 65KPa
Filter specifications below 1000 mesh, recommended lithium battery 80~120 mesh
Iron removal capacity 8000~10000 Gauss
Slurry state Recommended viscosity≤20000CP, solid content≤80%
Power supply single-phase voltage 100~240VAC±10%, frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power 100W
Installation size L500×W300×H850mm
Weight 40Kg

Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System Maintenance methods and precautions
1.Remove the dirt from the inner tank of the filter and the filter net after each filtration to keep it clean.
2.Regularly check the screws, nuts, pins and other fasteners in various parts to prevent loosening.
3.Do not touch the filter with sharp objects to avoid damage to the filter.

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Magnetic De-ironing Filtration SystemMagnetic De-ironing Filtration System

Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System

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