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Aluminum Laminate Film Pouch Cell Case

Provide custom pouch cell case forming service according to your requirement.

  • Material: Aluminum laminate film
  • Moq: 1 bag
  • Usage: pouch cell case

Aluminum Laminate Film For Pouch Cell Case

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Existing Die model : No extra cost for die sinking.

We also provide custom service according to your requirements to design the new pouch die, but you should pay for the die sinking cost.(There is no minimum order quantity limit for custom service.)

Existing Pouch Die Model Remark
34 50 Single Pit
41 76 Single Pit
57 101 Single Pit
43.5 121 Single Pit
75 90 Single Pit
91 101 Single Pit
147.5 235 Single Pit
17 24 Double Pit
41 75 Double Pit
42 75 Double Pit
42 77 Double Pit
51 77 Double Pit
52 77 Double Pit
56 81 Double Pit
67 90 Single Pit
101 201 Double Pit.
Max thickness is about 2.8mm for single
128 137 Double Pit
Thickness can be adjustable up to about 5.5mm,
please contact with us for confirming the thickness before place order


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Materials Choose (Aluminum Laminated Film)

We can supply aluminum laminated film in the following thickness: 68μm, 88μm, 113μm, 122μm, 133μm, 152μm, 153μm, etc.

The brands of aluminum laminated film from Chinese and Japanese are available for your choice.

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pouch cell case Die design display

aluminum laminated filmaluminum laminated film


aluminum laminated film

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