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Automatic Winding Machine

This machine is mainly used for precision winding of square lithium ion battery cells.

  • Item No.: TOB-10060Z
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 40 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

Automatic Lithium Polymer Battery Electrode Winding Machine For Pouch Cell



tob technology

1. Device function description

This machine is mainly used for precision winding of square lithium ion battery cells. The working process is as follows: Manually introduce the cathode and anode plates into the winding part, separate from the separator, winding according to the process requirements, automatically attach the termination tape, and automatically discharge the battery.

2. Equipment features and function

2.1 Double-needle structure

2.2 Manual introduction of electrode sheet, automatic winding, automatic needle changing, automatic end tape and automatic discharging.

2.3 The tape is longitudinally glued (the end tape is parallel to the Tab), the glue is flat, the glue position can be precisely controlled and the battery core is not tightened; the glue is stable and reliable

2.3 Needle winding speed is adjustable

2.4 Two-volume separator active unwinding, encoder speed control technology, high-precision air proportional valve control constant tension, can automatically adjust the tension smoothly during the winding process; (tension control as shown

2.5 With electrode dust removal device

2.6 Electrode outsourcing or separator outsourcing

2.7 The coiled battery has no damage, core pulling and electrode misalignment

2.8 Easy to operate, easy to adjust and change specifications

3. Specification

3.1 Width for separator: 25-100MM Needle: 15-60mm electrode width: 23-98mm

3.2 Material specification requirements (unit: mm)

Material Length Width Thickness inside diameter external diameter
cathode electrode 150~3000 23-98 0.1-0.2
Anode electrode 150~3000 23-98 0.1-0.2
Separator Material roll 25-100 0.016-0.045 76.2 250
Ending tape Material roll 8-25 0.01-0.035 76.2 150

3.3 Ability: 5~10 pcs/min (depending on the width of the needle, the length/width of the pole piece)

3.4 Winding accuracy

When ensuring that the electrode meets the following conditions:

The width error of the electrode is less than ±0.2mm

The “S” bending error of the electrode is less than ±1mm/500mm

Separator roll tower shape error is less than ±0.2mm

Winding accuracy can be satisfied:

Separator alignment error is less than ±0.5mm;electrode alignment error is less than ±0.5mm

Can realize anode package cathode, separator package anode , alignment of finished product surface ±0.5

3.5 Pass rate: ≥98% (excluding non-equipment factors)

4. Technical standard


Basic specification


Input power AC220V,1.5KVA,50HZ
Compressed air source 0.4-0.6MPa
Producing ability 8PCS/min
Weight About 800kg


1660mm*1300mm*1570mm (L*W*H) Excluding the extension length of the electrode groove, unit: mm
Winding needle 10-18mm



Institutional specification

Rack and mounting plate 1 set
Winding needle 1 set
Electrode feeding device 2 sets
Separator feeding device 2 sets
Adhesive device 1 set
Control system specification



Matsushita AFRX-C60T

touching screen MCGS 7 inch real color
Winding motor Shenzhen Lisan Stepper motor
Forcing motor Shenzhen Lisan Stepper motor
Pneumatic Components AIRTAC/XINGZHEN
Alarm system


Failure stop

Fault prompt


Program built

One-button reset




Operating instructions

1 set
spare parts 1 set delivery list


tob battery

Battery Electrode Winding Machine For Pouch Cell

Battery winding machine

Battery winding machine

battery winding machine

Factory display

Battery winding machine

Battery winding machine


tob battery technology

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