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Battery Crush Testing Machine

Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine.

•Item number:TOB-BE-6045C


•Lead time:50days



Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine

tob technology

1.Technical requirements

Model Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine


Source voltage 3∮5W 380V 50HZ 5000W
Dimension(W*D*H) 1200W*1100D*1800H
Weight 1500kg
Max pressure 10t,20t,30t,50t,80t,100t
Force value Resolution 1/100,000
Force error ±1%
Drive mode Electro-hydraulic servo drive
Extrusion speed 1~200MM/S(Adjustable)
Unit Conversion KG/N/LB
Test space 600W*600D*600H MM (customized)
Voltage acquisition frequency 200times/S
Temperature acquisition frequency 2 channels,2times/S
Test hole On the left,50mm diameter hole attached a stainless

steel lid

Visual window Double-proof glass300*300MM and affixed with

explosion-proof film, and with steel mesh


2.Standard configuration

Item Quantity
Host and protective box 1set
Computer Cabinets 1set
Lenovo computer 1set
Surveillance camera system 1set
Voltage acquisition system 1set
Temperature acquisition system 1set
Wavy extrusion plate 1set
Round-shaped extrusion plate Customizable
Factory inspection report 1set
Stainless steel tray 1set

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