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Battery Crush Testing Machine

Horizontal Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine

•Item number: TOB-BE-AP-6045


•Lead time:50days



Computer Control Battery Crush Testing Machine

tob technology

1.Technical requirements

Model Horizontal Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine


Source voltage 3∮5W 380V 50HZ 5000W
Dimension(W*D*H) 2500W*1000D*1000H MM
Weight 1500kg
Max pressure 10t,20t, 50t,80t
Battery size 500W*500D*500H MM,Customized 1000*1000*1000 or bigger
Force error ±1%
Drive mode Electro-hydraulic servo drive
Extrusion speed 0.1~500MM/S(Adjustable)
Unit Conversion kgf,lbf,N,KN,Kpa,Mpa
Stroke Resolution 0.005mm
Data collection frequency 200times/S
Signal transmission mode RS 232 or USB
Test hole On the left,50mm diameter hole attached a stainless

steel lid

Visual window Double-proof glass800*300MM and affixed with

explosion-proof film, and with steel mesh


2.Standard configuration


Host 1set
Brand computer 1set
Color Inkjet Printer 1set
Surveillance camera system 1set
Voltage acquisition system 1set
8 channels temperature acquisition system 1set
Special – shaped extrusion plate 1set
Round-shaped extrusion plate 1set
Operating Instructions 1set
Factory inspection report 1set

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