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Battery Electrode Coating Machine

TOB-SY300J is a lab transfer coating machine with continuous coating and intermittent coating function.

  • Item No.: TOB-SY300J
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 30-50 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

Lithium Battery Electrode Coating Machine Coater With Intermittent Coating Function


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Intermittent coating can set blank position for battery tabs especially used for cylinder cell and pouch cell (winding process). TOB-SY300J is a lab transfer coating machine with continuous coating and intermittent coating function.


  • Can switch freely to achieve continuous and intermittent coating.
  • Substrate tension control, transport stability, configuration correction device.
  • Hot air oven, the upper and lower double-sided blowing, high-quality drying effect.
  • Three-roll transfer coating, wider coating window.
  • Comma scraper measurement, with precision adjustment agencies, access to high-precision coating.
  • PLC control, touch screen operation, easy to use.
  • Optional solvent recovery device.

2. Equipment function(contact us for more information)

No. Item Technical parameters Note
1 Suitable system Lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide system battery cathode and anode electrode coating process
2 Substrate thickness Aluminum foil: 11-30um

Copper foil: 9-30um

3 Roller width 300mm
4 Effective coating width ≤260mm
5 Coating speed 0~1m/min
6 Coating accuracy ±3um
7 Slurry viscosity 2000-12000 Cps
8 Single-coated dry thickness range 20-150μm
9 Solvent characteristics Oily solvent NMP(s.g=1.033, b.p=204℃)
Watery solvent H2O/NMP(s.g=1.000, b.p=100℃)
10 Solid content Cathode, S.C. 60%±5%

S.C. 50%±5% (PVDF system)

S.C. 50%±5% (SBR system)

11 Specific gravity Cathode, 1.5-2.59/cm2

Anode, 1-1.89/cm2

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