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Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine

TOB-DMQ-350 die cutting machine is used for Lithium battery anode and cathode die cutting.

  • Item No.: TOB-DMQ-350
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 30 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

Automatic Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine For Lithium Pouch Cell




tob technology

1.The die cutting machine is used for Lithium battery anode and cathode die cutting.

2.The device is composed of an automatic discharging device, an electrode limiting device, an electrode punching cutting device, a driving traction device, and an automatic waste collecting device.

Equipment technical parameters

Product specification range (electrode size) that the equipment can produce

After the electrode is cut, the size range
No Name Size(mm)
1 Electrode width W 50~280
2 Electrode height H 50~320
3 Tab height Ht 10~20
4 Tab edge D 5~20
5 Tab width Wt 30~60

Main technical parameters of the equipment

No Equipment parameter index Parameter
1 Maximum feed width 350mm
2 Maximum processing area Automatic punching 340*280mm
(manual punching 350*350mm)
3 Equipment running speed 1000-9000 times/h
4 Die thickness requirements thickness > 8mm
5 Feed control Feeding speed and step adjustment
6 Shipping distance accuracy ±0.1mm
7 Safety equipment Infrared grating protection and safety shield
8 Feed step accuracy <0.1mm
9 Operation interface Intelligent human machine interface
10 Roll material weight <50kg
11 Roll material outer diameter <400mm
12 Punching knife life 1-5 million times
(depending on the quality of the die and the accuracy of the machine)
13 Burr degrees <0.02
14 Feed roll diameter 3 inches (inside diameter)
15 Waste recycling Automatic waste separation and recovery device
16 Operating mode Auto/manual mode
17 Control System Intelligent microcomputer control
18 Total power 3.6KW
19 Power voltage AC220V
20 Machine weight 1500kg


tob battery

Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine

battery electrode die cutting machine

tob battery technology

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