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Battery Grade Lithium Metal Lithium Foil

Lithium plate for coin cell materials D:15.6mm*T:0.25mm used in lithium ion battery.

  • Item No:T-LC 0.25mm
  • Moq:100g/bottle
  • Lead time: About 5-20 days
  • Origin:China

Lithium Foil 0.5mm Thickness Battery Grade Lithium Metal

tob technology


For lithium metail product, we have lithium strip, lithium foil and lithium tablets.

size:0.1*50 mm/0.5*50mm/0.1*60/0.05*60mm. sizes could be customized.

Molecular formula Li Melting point 180.5℃
Smell Tasteless Density 0.534g/cc
PH (1%solution 25℃) >12 Formula weight 6.94
Surface Silvery white

Element Content (%)

Item Test result Item Test result
K 0.0005 Al 0.0004
Na 0.001 Ni 0.003
Ca 0.003 Cu 0.0004
Fe 0.0005 Mg 0.0005
Si 0.0005 Cl 0.001
N 0.004 Li >99.9

Size Standard (mm)

Item Standard Error Test result
Width 50mm ± 0.2mm 50.01~50.02mm
Thickness 0.5mm ± 0.01mm 0.502~0.507mm


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