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Battery Impedance Tester

TOB-AT526 is a new design battery tester with high precision and stability.

•Item number:TOB-AT526


•Lead time:20days



Battery Impedance Tester For Supercapacitor ESR Testing

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For Alkaline batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium ion battery, button battery and supercapacitor ESR Testing

TOB-AT526 is a new design battery tester with high precision and stability. Adopt high performance ARM microprocessor control.3.5 inch LCD English display, With more sample’s a high performance intelligent instruments that widely used in contact resistance, battery voltage and battery resistance test.New improved sampling circuit, can measure any kind of battery.


Model TOB-AT526
Test parameters AC resistance, DC voltage
Basic accuracy Resistance: 0.2%

Voltage: 0.01%

Measuring range Resistance: 0.001mΩ ~33.000kΩ

voltage: 0.00001V~120.000VDC

Signal source AC 1kHz, test current: <150ma
Range Seven range auto and manual
Test speed 145 times/second, 30 times/second, 10 times /second,

1 times/second

Display results Direct reading,ΔABS,Δ%,θ,to sorting results
Correction Full range short circuit reset
Comparator Optional 18 sorting RHI/RNG/RLO output VHI/VNG/VLO outputThe absolute value of tolerance ±TOL Sorting percentage tolerance TOL sorting Sequential sorting
Trigger Internal trigger, manual trigger, external trigger and remote trigger
Interface RS-232C interface handler interface (PLC interface)
power requirement Voltage: 195vac ~ 245vac frequency: 50Hz power: maximum 15va
Size and weight External dimensions (mm):264 (W) x107 (high) x350 (deep) weight: 4kg
Appendix ATL502 Kelvin test line,ATL108/ RS232 interface cable
Others Test line damage detection , color TFT-LCD display, keyboard lock and data hold function, internal flash memory and disk data recording


Performance characteristic

1 Vector measurement, simultaneously measuring of multiple parameters
2 Comparator (sorting) function
3 Test line damage detection
4 Compatible SCPI instruction set
1 All kinds of contact resistance test
2 Deterioration and life assessment for Alkaline batteries, lead acid batteries, lithium batteries
3 UPS online detection
4 Battery factory inspection

5 Measurement of super capacitor equivalent resistance (ESR)

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Testing Clamps For AT526 battery voltage and resistance tester

Battery Impedance Tester

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