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Battery Nail Penetration Crush Tester

This device is used for safety testing of lithium-ion batteries.

•Item number:TOB-6047-2T


•Lead time:50days



Battery Nail Penetration Crush Tester For Lithium Battery

tob technology

Force Range 1~20KN
Tester Architecture Free Stand & Vertical extrusion
Power Input 220V 50 Hz
Force Deviation ≤±1% Full-scale Range
Unit Shift Kgf,lbf,n,kn,kpa,mpa
Crushing Velocity 1~ 900mm/min(controllable)
Crushing Velocity Accuracy ≤±0.5% Full-scale Range
Crushing Travel 300mm
Crushing Motion Accuracy ≤±1% Full-scale Range
Available Battery Size W400 X D400 X H300mm
Voltage-Reducing Controlling Method The pressing plate returns or returns after crushing force continues for a fixed tim if voltage drops into a fixed value.
Crushing Force Controlling Method The pressing plate returns or return after crushing force continues within pre-set

time if pressing force reach set value.

Displacement Control After paused in a period if the pressing tray down to predesigned position , pressing tray will continue second displacement and pause,

by repeating such a working mode till to final displacement and pressing tray return after a period


Emergency Button This crushing tester designed with Emergency stop function
Voltage Resolution 1mv
Test Terms Force, Displacement (Deformation), Voltage, one from three projects or all three projects
Crushing Time


0~99 Hours 99 Minutes & 99 seconds, time can be controllable to

control the deformation and stop if test fulfilled.

Industrial Communication Computer Control,ensure stability and real-time of remote sampling,

with explosion-proof function,

all data can be store and print through computer with Excel format.

Driving Method Servo Motor Driving
Nail Penetration Speed 1 ~ 40mm/s(Controllable)
Tungsten steel needle Φ3X100MM10 pieces

Φ6X100MM 10 pieces

Φ4X100MM 10 pieces

tob battery

Battery Nail Penetration Crush Tester

Battery Nail Penetration Crush Tester

tob battery technology

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