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Battery Pack Tester

TOB-W602Battery Pack Test Equipment is a Battery comprehensive tester.

•Item number:TOB-W602


•Lead time:20days




Battery Pack Tester For Mobile Phone Battery

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1 TOB-W602Battery Pack Test Equipmentis a Battery comprehensive tester can test voltage within 10V, internal resistance within 1000 mΩ lithium batteries, polymer batteries,LFP battery,Ni-MH batteries,Ni-Cd batteries and other kinds of rechargeable battery and battery pack. It can also test steel shell, aluminum shell, flexible packaging, batteries and many types of disposable batteries. (Mobile phone batteries, walkie-talkie batteries, digital products batteries, miner’s lamp, lithium battery, 18650 battery, two series of battery pack, many series of nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium battery, etc)

2 Battery testing function includes Battery voltage, load voltage (differential pressure), internal resistance, charging function, over discharge current, short circuit protection, thermal resistance, short circuit protection recovery function and capacity test.

3 Can also choose the model that can connect with the computer


Model 1-2 Series Battery Pack Test Equipment TOB-W602
Source voltage AC110V/220V, 50/60HZ
Power 10-50W
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Dimension (L*W*H) 290mm(L)*270mm(W)*100mm(H)
Weight 4kg
Function Range Resolution Accuracy

Voltage test (V1)

0—5 V 0.001V 0.2% + 3
0—10 V 0.01V 0.3% + 5
Charging (CHA) 50—2000mAh 1mA 2% + 3
Discharging 50—200mAh 1mA 1% + 5
Over discharging current (OVC) 0—20 A 0.01A 2% + 3
Internal Impedance (IMP) 0—999 mΩ 1mΩ ±1mΩ
Short-circuit protection (SPT) 0—99.9 mS 0.1mS 2% + 3
Thermistor (R1/R2) 0—999.9 kΩ 0.1kΩ 2% + 3
Capacity 0—9999 mAH 1mAH 3%

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Battery Pack Tester

Battery Pack Tester

Battery Pack Tester

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