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Battery Testing Equipment

Lithium ion Battery Testing Equipment is used for pouch cell, cylinder cell, coin cell parameter testing, it can test voltage, cycle life, capacitry and resistance.

•Item number:TOB-CT-9004-5V5A-NA


•Lead time:30days


Battery Testing Equipment For Lithium Battery

tob technology

GSM Pulse, Cyclic Voltammetry, Rate, Statistic capacity, Cycle life, constant current, constant power, constant resistance, constant voltage,voltage Scan (cyclic Voltammetry),Waveform import, Arithmetic Functions,1Khz AC impedance, BTS Series, Channel No., Rack Color, Measuring Range, Net With Reverse-connecting Protection.

The New 9 series battery tester has more bigger testing speed and more higher accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Project index Parameter index
AC Input Power 220/110V±10%/50Hz/60Hz
Resolution AD:16bit;DA:16bit
Impedance Input ≥500MΩ
Input Power 250W
Channel Features Constant Current Source and Constant Voltage Source with Independent pairs of Closed-loop Structure
Channel Control Mode Independent Control
Voltage Per Channel Voltage Range 0.7V~5V
Lowest discharge voltage 0.7V
Accuracy ± 0.02% of FS
Stability ±0.005% of FS
Current Multi Range Rang1: 0.1uA—150uA ± 30nA
Rang2: 150uA—5mA ± 1uA
Rang3: 5mA—150mA ± 30uA
Rang4: 150mA—5A ± 1mA
Accuracy ± 0.02% of FS
Stability ±0.005% of FS
Power Per Channel Max. Output Power 25W
Stability ± 0.01% of FS
Time Current Rise Time The Current gets to (10%-90%) Hardware Rise Time is 100μs
Step Time Range Single Step Time Rang>=10ms
Data Recording Record Condition Lower sampling time: >=1ms
Lower sampling Voltage:>= 1mV
Lower sampling Current: :>= 100nA
Record Frequency 1000Hz
Charge Charge Mode Constant Current Charge,Constant Voltage Charge,

Constant Current and Constant Voltage Charge,Constant Power Charge

End Conditon Voltage,Current,Relative Time,Capacity
Discharge Discharge Mode Constant Current Discharge,Constant power Discharge,

Constant resistance discharge,

End Condition Current,Voltage,Relative Time,Capacity,
Pulse Model Charge Constant Current Model;Constant Power Model
Discharge Constant Current Model;Constant Power Model
Min Pulse Width 400μs
Pulse Number Single Pulse Step Support 16 different Pulse
Charge r To Discharge One Pulse Step Can Support Continuous Charge And Discharge Change
End Condition Voltage,Relative Time,
DCR Testing Support Custom Access Point And Count The DCR
Cycle Loop Measure Range 1~65535 times
Max Steps Per Loop 254
Nested Loop Nested loop Function,Max Support 3 Layers
Protective Function Software Protection Power-down Data Protection
• Off-line Testing Function
Setting Protection Condition,Setting Parameter:Low Voltage limit,Upper Voltage limit,Low Current limit,Upper Current limit,Delay Time
Hardware Protection Additional Anti-reverse Protection Model
Voltage and Current Testing Sample 4-wire connecting
Noise Density <85dB
Data Management MYSQL
Communication Means TCP/IP Protocol
Data Output EXCEL,TXT
Communication Interface Ethernet Port
No. Of Channels Per Unit 4

Equipment Working Environment

Project index Parameter index
Working Temperature 0℃- 40℃
Storage Temperature -10℃- 50℃
Working Humidity ≤70%RH
Storage Humidity ≤80%RH

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battery testing equipment

battery testing equipment

battery testing equipment

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