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Battery vacuum planetary mixer

TOB-XFZH-02 is a 2L vacuum planetary mixer, the mixing volume can be customized.

  • Item No.: TOB-XFZH-02
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 30 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

2L Battery Vacuum Planetary Mixer For Powder Slurry Mixing



tob technology


Used for Different lithium battery powder and liquid mixed and dispersed, and finally a uniformly mixed battery slurry is obtained. Ideal for highly viscous processes.

Adapt to the working condition viscosity range ≤ 1.2 million cps.

Main parameters

Model TOB-XFZH02
Lower Barrel Parts
Design total volume 3.8L
Effective volume 1.2L-2L
Container inner diameter 180mm
Container inside depth 150mm
Container material Contact with material 304
Tempering jacket form Single-layer jacket for barrel wall for cooling or heating; single-layer jacket at the bottom of the barrel for cooling or heating
Tempering jacket port G3/8″, with quick-open type union, jacket pressure resistance ≤0.4MPa
Tempering jacket circulation system prepared by customer,

jacket inlet temperature ≤ 8 ° C, cooling water flow > 1.5 L / min

Discharge materials form No discharge valve at the bottom of the barrel
Design environment temperature -10~+120°C
Move mode no
Mixing Parts
Working frequency 5-50hz
Mixing power 0.75kw
Mixing blade speed 8-76rpm
Planetary box rotate speed 5-52rpm
Mixing blade diameter 94mm
Mixing blade model Variable section helical twist type, 90° spiral
Mixing blade material 304 stainless steel
Mixing blade line speed 0.03-0.37m/s
Mixing blade number 2pcs
paddle distance 6±1mm
Paddle and barrel wall distance 3+1mm
Paddle and bucket bottom distance 2-3mm
Dispersing Parts
Working frequency 5-50hz
Dispersing power ²1.1kw
Dispersing rotate speed 450-4450rpm
Dispersing plate diameter 60mm
Dispersing model Serrated
Dispersing plate material 304 stainless steel
Dispersing line speed 1.3-13m/s
Dispersing number 1pcs
Dispersing shaft number 1pcs
Scratch the Wall Parts
  • Scratch wall bracket material: 304 stainless steel
  • Scratch wall material: PTFE
  • Scratch wall rotate speed: Consistent with planetary box rotate speed
  • Removable or not: Removable design (scraping the wall must be removed in a highly viscous process)
Base and Lifting Parts
  • Parts materials:High rigidity structural carbon steel
  • Lifting way:Hydraulic lift
  • Lifting guide:Guide rod
  • Lifting itinerary:≤225mm
Upper Barrel Parts
  • Upper barrel material:304 stainless steel
  • Powder + liquid feed port: DN40 and hopper 1pcs
  • Mirror port: DN40 tempered glass mirror 1pcs
  • Spotlight:DN40 tempered glass mirror
  • Vacuuming + venting:G1/2″ inner wire 1pcs
  • Exhaust port:Shared with the vacuum port
  • Digital vacuum gauge port:M14×1.5 inner wire metric tooth interface
Control System
  • Electrical cabinet:Used to place low voltage electrical devices such as inverters
  • Manual operation panel:Used to place buttons, knobs, etc.
  • Power supply:AC 3×380V±5﹪,50Hz
  • Control mode:electronic control
  • Power control and speed adjustment mode: Inverter startup and control
  • Cooling mode:wind cooling
  • Operation mode:The upper panel of the electric cabinet operates corresponding button + knob
  • Digital temperature display gauge:material temperature
  • Emergency stop button:1pcs
  • Alarm system:Over-temperature alarm, over-temperature alarm shutdown, alarm shutdown
  • Speed display: Touch screen shows the speed
  • Power instructions: 1pcs
Safety Chain System
  • Emergency stop: Press the emergency stop switch, the device stops immediately and no operation can be performed
  • Start low-speed mixing: can lift the barrel and turning at the same time
  • High-speed dispersion: barrel up in place before turning
  • Safe lock in operation: When the machine is running, the mixing barrel can not be lowered, can not open the mixing barrel.
  • Prevent vacuum tube backflow: special vacuum buffer tank design, can effectively prevent the vacuum pump oil back to the mixing drum phenomenon
  • Stop running fault: Inverter comes with overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, leakage, lack of equal protection
  • Mixing barrel lift: stirring barrel in place to rise
  • Mixing barrel did not return to normal pressure can not be dropped.
  • After mixing barrel rises in place and high-speed dispersion, then can be started.
  • After mixing barrel rises in place, with locking protection system, to prevent while the mixing barrel rises to high place abnormal fall.
  • Dry mixing stage, while the barrel rising, the stirring paddle need to rotate at the same time.

Other description

  • Temperature probe:Pt100
  • Temperature measurement: Bucket wall temperature measuring head to detect material temperature
  • Transmission parts bearings:High-speed components for imported bearings, low-speed components for domestic bearings
  • Oil seal:Domestic brands,O-ring for Static seal,dynamic seal using mechanical seals or skeleton oil seal
  • Grease:Domestic brands
  • Mechanical seal lubricants:Imported brand
  • Valve:Domestic brands
  • Vacuum design quantity demand:vacuum system prepared by customer own, air exhaust volume 2L/S(2X-2)
  • Vacuum hold:-0.098Mpa,holding pressure for 24 hours>-0.085Mpa,do not leak to the barrel
  • Total host power:>3kw
  • Total weight: about 550kg
  • Dimensions:L1000mm×W700mm×H1835mm
  • Appearance color:off-white
  • Ground bearing:900kg/㎡


tob battery

Battery vacuum planetary mixer, the volume can be customized, 5L, 10L, 20L, etc. And it can also be touch screen.

planetary mixer

tob battery technology

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