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Button Cell Battery Case With Different Size

TOB provide all size of coin cell case for product and laboratory research.

  • Item:Case,Spacer,Spring
  • Package(MOQ):100pcs/bag
  • Lead time:3days
  • Origin:China

Button Cell Battery Case With Different Size

tob technology

TOB has specializd in lithium ion battery raw materials and equipment over 18 years. for Button Cell Battery Case raw material, TOB can provide:

CR2032/CR2016/CR2025/CR2450/CR2430/CR2325/CR1620/CR1632/CR1616/CR1220/CR1820/CR0927/CR1220/CR1025/CR1016/CR3048/CR3032/CR2477 and lithium air button cell case.

Material: 304ss/316ss/aluminum coated/gold coated/ Kapton

Name Model/Size Material
Coin cell cases CR2032 304ss/316ss/Gold-Coated/Al-Coated/ Kapton
CR2016 304ss/316ss/ Kapton
CR2025 304ss/316ss
CR2450 304ss
CR2430 304ss
CR2325 304ss
CR1620 304ss
CR1632 304ss
CR1616 304ss
CR1220 304ss
CR1820 304ss
CR0927 304ss
CR1220 304SS
CR1025 304SS
CR1016 304SS
CR3048 304SS
CR3032 304SS
CR2477 304ss
CR2032 Lithium air case 304ss
Coin cell spacer 15.8*0.2mm 304ss/316ss
15.8*0.5mm 304ss/316ss/Pure aluminum
15.8*0.8mm 304ss/316ss
15.8*1mm 304ss/316ss
20.2*0.4 304ss
Wave Spring(Belleville Washers) 14.5*1.42mm 304ss/316ss
Coin Cell Conical Spring 15.4*0.25mm 304ss/316ss
20*1.7mm 304ss

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2032 coin cell parts

2032 coin cell parts

cr2032 coin cell cases

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