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Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil Current Collector

1.Improve the consistency, increase the battery cycle life.

2.Improve the adhesion of and active materials, reduce the pole piece manufacturing cost.

3.Protect collection of fluid from the electrolyte corrosion.

  • Item no:TOB-carbon coated al
  • Moq:1 roll
  • Oringin: China
  • leading time :5~7days

Battery carbon coated aluminum foil as cathode current collector


tob technology

Carbon coated aluminum foil mainly use for battery cathode current collector. for the anode current collector use copper foil

1. The inhibition of cell polarization, reduce the heating effect and improve the rate performance;

2. Reduce the battery internal resistance, and decrease the circulation process of dynamic resistance increase;

3. Improve the consistency, increase the battery cycle life;

4. Improve the adhesion of and active materials, reduce the pole piece manufacturing cost;

5. Protect collection of fluid from the electrolyte corrosion;

6. Improve lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate materials processing performance.

Conductive coating:

Using functional coatings for surface treatment of battery conductive substrate is a breakthrough of technical innovation, coated carbon foil/copper foil is to spread good nano conductive graphite and carbon coated particles, fine and uniform coating on aluminum foil/copper foil.Static electrical conductivity, it can provide an excellent collection of active material micro electric current, which can greatly reduce the positive/negative material and collector, the contact resistance between the and can improve the adhesive ability between the two, can reduce the use amount of binder, which creates an significantly improve the overall performance of the battery.Can be divided into water based coating (water system) and oil (organic solvent system) two types

Item Test data Test method
Aluminum foil thickness 12~30um Micrometer
Color Black / gray eye survey
Conductive coating single surface density

(g/㎡/ side)

0.5-2.0 g/㎡ weighing method


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carbon coated aluminum foil
aluminum foil


cathode current collector

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