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Co3O4 Cobaltosic Oxide Powder

  • Item No: TOB-Co3O4
  • Payment: L/C, T/T, Credit Card
  • Moq: 1 bag

High Quality Co3O4 Cobaltosic Oxide Powder

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Molecular formula Co3O4
1. Chemical property
Co (%) 73~73.5
Li (%) ≦0.10
Fe (%) ≦0.001
Mn (%) ≦0.001
Na (%) ≦0.1
Ca (%) ≦0.03
Cu (%) ≦0.01
Mg (%) ≦0.02
Pd (%) ≦0.01
SO42- (%) Trace
NO3- (%) ≦0.05
CL- (%) Trace
Formula weight 240.80
2. Physical Property
Color Black
Sharp Sphericity
Tap density(g/m3) >2.0g/m3
Apparent density(g/m3) >0.5g/m3
Particle size D50=8~20um
Phase Without others
Cobltosic oxide Exposed to air that easy absorption of moisture, but do not generate hydrate.
easy soluble in nitric acid.
Heated to 1200 ℃will be decomposed into cobalt oxide. In a hydrogen flame moderate heat to 900 ℃, reduced to metallic cobalt.


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Co3O4 Cobaltosic Oxide Powder

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