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continuous roll coating machine

TOB-LBC-135 model coating machine is mainly used for lithium battery electrode coating.

  • Item No.: TOB-LBC-135
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 30 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

300mm Lab Continuous Roll Coating Machine for Lithium Battery Electrode

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TOB-LBC-135 model coating machine is mainly used for lithium battery electrode coating. it adopts continuous coating mode, is mainly used for lithium battery lab research and pilot scale production line.

Model TOB-LBC-135
Source voltage AC 380V
Power 6500W
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Max electrode width 280mm
Coating speed 1m/min, adjustable
Coating accuracy ≤±0.003mm
Roller diameter Φ100mm
Max coating roller dia. Φ250mm
Control pressure 5-50N, adjustable
Dry temperature RT-150℃, adjustable
Oven length 1.2m
Air compression 0.5-0.7MPa
Coating mode Single face continuous coating
Application foil Aluminum foil, Copper foil
Weight About 1050kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 1800*810*1300mm

1. The parts are processed precisely, slurry contact part is stainless steel.

2. The main drive adopts frequency conversion speed control, the speed range is constant and reliable, and it is a constant torque speed control system.

3. The drying box adopts a far-infrared heating tube, high thermal efficiency, long service life and simple installation.

4. Using hot air circulation system, can make temperature uniform and not easy to burn the electrode foil.

5. The temperature control adopts PID adjustment system, high control precision and reliable operation.

6. The winding adopts an automatic correction system to make electrode rectify.


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Continuous roll coating machine details

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