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Lithium Ion Battery Cylindrical Cell Formation Process

The battery test cabinet in type TOB-BT0503-512-C suitable for for cylindrical cell.

•Item No.:TOB-BT0503-512-C


•Lead time: 20~30days



Lithium Ion Battery Formation Process Equipment For Cylindrical Cell

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Technical specifications

This battery process formation equipment is mainly constituted by the computer system and control software,

communication interface and battery detecting cabinet. The Battery detecting cabinet comprises a fixture and placed the plate body of the fixture, charging, constant current and constant voltage source discharge constant current source, storage control circuit, current sampling circuit, voltage sampling circuit, the main control CPU, data memory, micro controller programming and control panel.

The tester is specially used for lithium ion Cylindrical Cell 18650 battery Formation and grading.

Project index Parameter index
Model TOB-BT0503-512-C
Demention 1500*500*1900(mm)
Working power supply AC380V three phase
Max Power Dissipation 10750W
Channel no 512
Support battery height range 10-95mm( stepless adjustment)
Clamp spacing 35mm
Voltage measurement range DC100-4500mV
Voltage accuracy ±0.1%FS ±0.1%RD
Voltage measurement range DC100-4500mV
Voltage resolution 1mV
Constant voltage range DC2000~4500mV
Minimum discharge voltage 2000mV
Charge discharge current range DC5~3000mA
Current accuracy ±0.1%FS ±0.1%RD
Current resolution 1mA
Time measurement range 999min/step
Time measurement error ±0.1%
Working temperature 0~40 ℃
Relative humidity ≤85%


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Weight 350 kg
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