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High Speed Ball Mill Machine

High-speed vibration ball mill machine for lab research.

•Item No:TOB-DSP-GB80


•Lead time:30days



High Speed Ball Mill For Battery Powder

tob technology

Model TOB-DSP-GB80 High-speed vibration ball mill machine
Spec 50ml,80ml
Each max loading capacity 1/3 of the milling tank volume
Feed size <1mm
Discharge size Mix 0.1μm
Shimmy frequency 1200 Circumferential / min
Timing range 0~999S and normally open file
Motor spec Single-phase 220V 180W
Current input Single-phase 220V 50Hz
Size 405×365×260mm
Characteristic High-speed vibrating ball mill has an eccentric pendulum shaft,

When the motor at high speed, generating eccentric swing tank;

Bring the whole bracket down vibration, so that the grinding

process is finished in a high speed wobble and vibration

of three-dimensional space.

Greatly improving the speed and efficiency of grinding.

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high speed ball mill

high speed ball mill

tob battery technology

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