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High Temperature Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven

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Product name Vacuum drying oven
Model DZF-6510
Working size 800*800*800 (mm)
Machine size About 970*940*1700 (mm)
Packing size About 1150*1080*1900 (mm)
Temperature control range RT+50~200℃
Temperature accuracy / fluctuation ±0.1℃/±1℃
Sensor accuracy ±0.1℃
Vacuum degree / vacuum fluctuation -0.1MPa (equivalent to one atmospheric pressure, about 133pa)

/Setting value ±10‰

Vacuum display Pointer type
Vacuum control Manual knob switch type
Gas filling port Equipped with inert gas filling valve. Stainless steel ball valve. If necessary, inert gas can be filled into the box through this valve.
Temperature controller LCD temperature control instrument with timing function.
Heating time It takes about 70 minutes to reach 200℃
Vacuum time Less than 10 minutes
Workflow Set the temperature through the instrument. Automatic start work.

Start the vacuum pump and manually close the suction valve when the vacuum reaches the required value. Turn off the vacuum pump.

(optional digital vacuum meter, program control temperature and vacuum)

Box structure The upper part is the working chamber and the lower part is the controller.
Shell material High quality A3 / 1.5mm thick cold rolled steel plate and 100 * 100 * 80mm channel steel, electrostatic spray on the surface.
Liner material Imported SUS304 / 3mm thick stainless steel plate
Door structure Overall thickening. The inner stainless steel is reinforced by channel steel. There is no observation window.

Ensure no deformation at high temperature and good heat insulation effect.

Door seal material The closing tightness of the box door can be adjusted, and the whole door sealing ring of silicone rubber imported from Japan ensures the high vacuum degree in the box.
Insulation material High temperature resistant ceramic glass fiber
Sensor High temperature thermocouple
Safety and protection The over temperature alarm cuts off the heating power

Leakage protection

Broken wire alarm

Grounding protection, etc

Number of shelves Three
Heating mode External heating. The heating pipe is arranged outside the box.
Vacuum pump Pumping efficiency 8L / s, oil circulation high vacuum pump
Power About 12KW
Supply voltage 380V 50Hz
Weight About 680KG
Brand of main parts (reference)
  • Leakage protector: Delisi electric
  • Contactor: Delisi electric
  • Fuse: Delisi electric
  • Timer: Delisi electric
  • Solid state relay: Jingcan
  • Temperature controller: Shanghai
  • Sensor: Samsung Electronics
  • Heating pipe: Wuxi
  • Solenoid valve: AIRTAC (304 stainless steel)


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lab vacuum drying oven

lab vacuum drying oven


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