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500℃ High Temperature Hot Vacuum Drying Oven

tob technology

1. High-quality cold-rolled steel plate box body, with electrostatic powder coating on the surface, and the coating is hard and firm, with strong anti rust ability.

2. High-quality stainless steel plate working room with round corner shape, smooth, smooth and easy to clean.

3. It is filling with ultra-fine high temperature insulation material between the box body and the working room, which has good insulation function, effectively ensuring the stability and accuracy of the temperature in the box and the impact on the use environment.

4. Double-layer steel plate structure box door with good heat insulation effect. It can effectively avoid burning operators.

5. A heat-resistant rubber sealing ring is installed between the working room and the sealing door to ensure a high vacuum degree in the box.

6. The heater is installed on the outer surface of the working room to maximize the uniformity of the temperature in the box and facilitate indoor cleaning.

7. The temperature control is made of microcomputer intelligent digital technology, with industrial PID self-tuning and LCD window indication functions, high temperature control accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, and very convenient operation.

8. The equipment is equipped with special water circulation cooling device when it is used in high temperature state, so as to maximize the service life of sealing ring.

9. It can be equipped with RS232 interface to record datathrough connecting computer.

Model TOB-DZF-6050-HT
Voltage 220V AC 50/60HZ (Power cable is included w/o plug)
Power 3600W
Temperature Range RT+50~500℃
Temperature fluctuation ±1℃
Shelf No. 2

Heating Rates

10 ºC/min: 0ºC – 100ºC

7 ºC/min: 100ºC – 200ºC

7 ºC/min: 200ºC – 300ºC

3.5 ºC/min: 300ºC – 400ºC

2.3 ºC/min: 400ºC – 450ºC

0.4 ºC/min: 450ºC – 480ºC

0.2 ºC/min: 480ºC – 500ºC

Chamber dimensions 415 mm x 345 mm x 370 mm ( 16.3 x 13.5 x 14.5″, 53 Liter )
Temperature Controller 30 segments programmable

Built-in over-temperature protection

+/- 5°C accuracy

Gas flowing/purging 1. A precise flow meter is installed in the front panel which ranges from 500 ~ 5000ml/min.

2. The gas is able to be continuously flowing into the chamber at a constant flow rate defined by user during operation.

3. The oven can be purged by inert gas before operation.

Water Cooling One digital temperature controlled recirculating water chiller is included.

Refrigeration range: 5~35°C

Flowing Rate: 13L/min Suggest using anti-corrosion coolant (available for auto-part store) to achieve best water cooling.

The water cooling jacket is built inside the oven door.

Vacuum Pump One rotary vane vacuum pump with exhaust filter, bellows and KF-25 inlet is included.

Vacuum level of oven after pumping < 133pa (2 torr)

Power: 0.4KW / 0.37KW

Packing size Oven: 100*94*90cm

Vacuum pump: 65*27*60cm

Water Chiller: 69*42*61cm


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Vacuum drying oven

Vacuum drying oven

Vacuum drying oven

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