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High-Temperature Vacuum Molybdenum Furnace

The molybdenum vacuum belt furnace is widely used in laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units of preliminary experiment, the vacuum welding, sintering titanium alloy, metal tantalum annealing, cutter welding, vacuum annealing, brazing,

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High-Temperature Vacuum Molybdenum Furnace


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The molybdenum vacuum belt furnace is widely used in laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises,

scientific research units of preliminary experiment, the vacuum welding, sintering titanium alloy,

metal tantalum annealing, cutter welding,vacuum annealing, brazing, can also be used in reducing atmosphere,

inert atmosphere, a variety of types such as hydrogen and nitrogen mixture,

rated temperature 500 ℃, 800 ℃ and 900 ℃ respectively, 1100 ℃ and 1300 ℃.

The vacuum system adopts special design technology,with safe operation, convenient,

good vacuum degree, high cleanliness, ultimate vacuum degree up to 6.67**10 4Pa,

good tightness, long vacuum holding time, the use of unique sealing technology,

can be a long time to maintain pressure, good safety performance, easy operation.

Automatic vacuum molybdenum belt furnace
Model TOB-ZK1400-20
Usuage This equipment is mainly used in high vacuum heat treatment of metal materials, vacuum welding,

tool welding, vacuum annealing, brazing. Main application industries and processes:

3D printing metal workpieceand alloy materials of high vacuum heat treatment;

Medical X-ray tube high vacuum degassing.

Important parameters Furnace structure Horizontal type, single-chamber, furnace body and furnace door adopt double-layer water cooling,

front door structure. It is composed of furnace body, heating chamber, vacuum system,

gas charging system, water cooling system, electric control and power supply system.

Maximum temperature 1400℃
Working temperature ≤1300℃
Work area size 200*200*200mm
Equipment powder 25KW(Including heating system, vacuum unit)
Power frequency 50Hz
Voltage Three-phase 380 V (±10V)
Heating system
Heating power 22KW(Adjustable actual power)
Heating element High temperature molybdenum belt
Heat insulation components 2 layers molybdenum insulation screen +2 layers 310S stainless steel +2 layers 304 stainless steel
Temperature measure s-type thermocouple
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Heating rate From room temperature to 1300℃ less than 150min (empty furnace)
Heating chamber Adopt cylindrical heating chamber structure.The heat scr adopts multi-layer metallic molybdenum

and 310S stainless steel structure. The high-quality 99 corundum ceramics are used between the layers.

The heating element is molybdenum belt. The molybdenum heat screen is evenly around

the heat insulation screen to achieve good temperature uniformity.It has long service life,

good heat insulation performance, and very little vacuum outgassing.

The outer frame is made of stainless steel (304) plate material, and multiple reinforcement ribs

are welded to ensure that it is not deformed.

Heating control It adopts PID intelligent temperature control module design, can edit 30-segment heating curve,

can store 20 sets of process formulas, combine PLC to realize automatic alarm protection functions

such as overpressure, overtemperature, overcurrent, etc., 10-inch LCD touch screen display operation,

with easy operation, powerful function, good stability and other characteristics.

Vacuum system Vacuum configuration It consists of a mechanical pump, a molecular pump and a high-vacuum butterfly valve,

an inflation valve, a vent valve, a vacuum pressure gauge, etc.

Ultimate vacuum ≤6.67*10-4Pa(No load, cold state, after purification)
Working vacuum ≤6.67*10-3Pa
Vacuum measurement Compound vacuum gauge ZDF5227BV01 measuring range 1.0*105~1.0*10-5Pa
Vacuum unit power 4.5 KW
Advantage High efficiency, no pollution, low energy consumption, low noise
Cooling system Vacuum furnace body, furnace door, vacuum unit and water-cooled electrode all need cooling water.

The system is distributed to each cooling part by the main water supply pipe,

using a closed water circulation system, each electrode cooling is equipped with a water flow observer,

and the main pipe is equipped with a water pressure alarm system.

The water inlet has a branch connected to the tap water pipe for emergency use in the event of a power outage.

Equipped with 5P industrial refrigerator, power 3Kw.

Security system The safety system includes: water stop, over-temperature, heating over-current, rotary vane pump,

diffusion pump, and the equipment has functions such as self-checking, fault self-diagnosis,

automatic protection, and preventing misoperation. It also has sound and light alarm prompts

and corresponding interlocking and interlocking protection.

Equipment installation and operation conditions (for reference) 1、Environmental conditions
1)Ambient temperature:-15-45℃
3)Relative humidity:≤75%
2、Power condition
1)Rated voltage: three-phase 380V (±10V)
2)Rated frequency:50Hz
3)Power distribution of the whole machine:≥50KW
3、Water cooling conditions
1)Water pressure:0.2~0.4MPa
2)Inlet water temperature:≤15℃
3)Water flow:≥5m³/h
4)Water quality requirements: soft water without silt and impurities, resistivity ≥ 1M (Ω·mm2/m),

PH≈7.This product requires continuous supply of cooling water that meets the requirements during operation.

In order to ensure the safety of this product, the buyer must prepare its own emergency water source,

and there is still cooling water supply when the power is cut off.

1)Nitrogen: used for protecting atmosphere purity ≥99.999%, 0.2~ 0.4Mpa
2)Compressed air: the driving air source used to start the device,

the pressure is 0.3~0.6MPa, oil-free, water-free clean gas.

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