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Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor

High temperature resistance: PTFE temperature: -200~+220℃; PPL temperature:-200~+250℃.

  • Item No.: TOB-Reactor
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 3-7 days
  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Origin: China

Laboratory Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor With PTFE and PPL Lining

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Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor body is made of 304 high quality stainless steel, sealed by round tenon and groove, and fastened by manual screw. It has the characteristics of good sealing and high safety factor. The external surface is polished with stainless steel mirror, with high smoothness and beautiful appearance.

1.High temperature resistance: PTFE temperature: -200~+220℃; PPL temperature:-200~+250℃.
2.Low temperature resistance: -196℃ can maintain 5%
3.Corrosion resistance:corrosion strong acid, alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents.

Specification 15ml,25ml,50ml,100ml,150ml,200ml,500ml
Pressure -0.1~3MPa(could be customized)
Temperature 1.Teflon lining -200~+220℃(recommended temperture)

2.PPL lining -200~+250℃(recommended temperture)

Heating and cooling rate ≤5℃/min
Material 1. Coat High quality 304 stainless steel coat

2. Lining PTFE or PPL


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You can choose PTFE lining and PPL lining


Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor

Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor
tob battery technology

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