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In-Situ Raman Test Cell

In-situ lithium battery simulation observation electrochemical cell (Lithium Dendrite) analysis for lithium battery material research.

· Lead time: about 20-40 days

· MOQ: 1 set

· Payment: T/T, Credit Card

In-Situ Raman Test Cell

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In-Situ Raman Test Cell

Model: TOB-19004
Optical window material:Quartz (optical window diameter 21mm)
Distance between cathode and anode:<10mm Volume:<1ml
1.The conductive substrate of the electrochemical cell is high-purity titanium
2.This electrochemical cell simulates a lithium-ion coin cell and observes the growth of lithium dendrites on the lithium chip cut surface.
3.The optical window of the electrochemical cell is made of quartz glass, and the light transmittance is more than 95%
4.Suitable lithium chip size:10*10mm

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