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lab film coating machine

TOB-XT-200CA film coating machine is lab automatic film Coater with glass bed as coating plate.

  • Item No.: TOB-XT-200CA
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 15 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

Small Lab Film Coating Machine For Coin Cell Battery Electrode



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1.TOB-XT-200CA film coating machine is lab automatic film Coater with glass bed as coating plate. It adopts OSP precision wire rod to with a larger range of coating range. This lab coating machine can be used for research on ceramic tape casting. crystal film, special nanometer film and Li-Ion battery electrode coating.

2.This wire rod coating machine adopts precision extrusion type coating measuring rods coated film (the thinnest film coating thickness up to 1.5 um). It also can be used for Paper printing, film, adhesive tape production.

3.This model is without heating function, Heating lid is available at extra cost for drying. please select mode TOB-VFC150 if we need hot function.

Model TOB-XT-200CA
Working Voltage 110V AC or 208 – 240V AC 50/60Hz Single Phase
Power 200W
Traverse Speed 0 – 200 mm/sec variable
Max Coating Size 430*300mm (L*W)
Coating base size 570*340mm (L*W)
Platform Glass bed for coating
Coating thickness Coating film by precision wire bar

(Thinnest coating film thickness up to 1.5um)

Coating wire bar size Diameter : 10mm, Length: 400mm,

Effective coating width:300mm

Product Dimensions 570mm(L) *340mm(W) * 100mm(H)
Net Weight 20kg
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Application Notes

Rolling is absolutely necessary to ensure good density and adhesion of electrode materials to the current collector substrate after coating.

Please select a rolling press from here.

1. You may need a vacuum oven to dry the films after coating.

2. You may need a vacuum mixer to remove air bubbles inside the slurry

and to make all coatings uniform.

3. You may need a Slurry Viscosity Tester to make coatings consistent.


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film coating machine


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